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Why Linkedin can be a great marketing platform for your brand.

LinkedIn is an American company founded in 2002 and finally launched properly in 2003, it is mainly used for professional networking and for job seekers posting their CV’S and employers posting jobs. Microsoft corporation is the parent organization of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is basically for professionals, LinkedIn made it easy for businesses to find suitable employees easily

and helped companies to catch up as only professionals use links for there is no way for fraud.


If the HR department of your company is trying to fill a job, here’s how you can do it on LinkedIn: Look at their network to see if you have any connections to them. Search all LinkedIn People profiles using specific keywords. 

Look at any questions they have answered to learn more about them. Contact them or one of your connections to them for more information.

Do all of this online in the privacy of your office.

Look at each candidate’s profile, which includes education, experience, and recommendations. Linked it mostly like a resume it has all, experience, occupation, etc everything a resume contains.


If you’re looking for a job, here’s what you can do on LinkedIn:

  • Create your profile best as there are over 100000 recruiters on LinkedIn who are seeing you every time, judging you on the basis of your profile, every day lots of youngsters got a good job from LinkedIn.

  • Search the Job using specific keywords according to your profession.

  • You can check the company's background and current employees as well.

  • You can do all this without taking an off from your current job as you only have to fill it once.

LinkedIn is not just only for professionals or job seekers From making networks to generating leads and creating better brand awareness through LinkedIn. LinkedIn marketing makes an invaluable addition to your digital marketing strategy to boost your brand awareness.



The first important thing your need to do on LinkedIn is to make your companies’ profile on LinkedIn so that people or other organizations can recognize you.


Post content according to your companies’ moto or

according to your business plan, but it must be


  • Use the Matched Audiences feature

You can also use the matched audience feature you can also follow the companies relatable to your business, you can also make a new network for the company.


You can also use emails of other people, as linked has the mail IDs of all the people on LinkedIn, email marketing is the best way of marketing nowadays, Mails of these people will be authentic as LinkedIn also verifies it.


1. LinkedIn is more important than Facebook or any other platform

for B2B companies

Based on the 2015 social media marketing industry report, in the current scenario, LinkedIn has now crossed Facebook as the most important platform for B2B companies and marketers. In addition, around 22% of B2C marketers suggested that LinkedIn is their most preferred platform compared to 42% of B2B marketers. Hence, it is safe to say that B2B marketers and companies have now prioritized LinkedIn marketing strategies over Facebook.

2. Amongst business owners, LinkedIn is now one of the most

popular social platforms

According to the 2014 state of marketing report documented by Salesforce, LinkedIn is now the third most used social network amongst business owners. According to the statistics, around 61% of business owners have reported that they use LinkedIn and another 21% are likely to join the platform by 2018. Hence it growing steadily among b2b and

other marketers as well.

3. LinkedIn has become an effective platform for authentic lead


Several studies have suggested that traffic generated through The LinkedIn referral had the authentic and the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate amongst the other social networking sites. In fact, the numbers are higher than Facebook or Twitter. LinkedIn will continue to generate more and more leads for businesses in the B2B domain.

4. LinkedIn is Suitable for leadership

There is no doubt that LinkedIn is the most effective channel for professional content distribution. Moreover, there is no other social platform that helps your brand establish itself like LinkedIn. One of the benefits of LinkedIn is that it helps you to join groups and build a network with key personalities and influencers of your industry. It helps you strategically position yourself as an important influencer within the industry and cementing your image as a renowned personality in your field of interest.

5. LinkedIn also improves public relationships

Apart from helping you to create a strong presence of your company online, LinkedIn also plays a vital role in enhancing your face-to-face relationships.

Steps to ensure you are ranking well in a Google search:

1. Use relevant keywords in the bio and description of the page

2. Make use of descriptive wording in the job title and name of the company

3. Fill in all the fields in your profile

4. Add links to your website to your blogs to increase search LinkedIn has gradually emerged as one of the most important platforms for B2B marketers and companies. Moreover, digital

marketing companies such as Techno oyster assist businesses to formulate effective LinkedIn strategies to strengthen their foothold in the industry


LinkedIn is the best platform for brand awareness and building networking and for generating leads for b2b businesses as only professionals use LinkedIn, leads will be authentic and effective. According to sources and statistics, users of LinkedIn going to increase by 21% by 2022.

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